Find the right diet by simply tracking your glucose values

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We have combined a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an easy-to-use Ultrahuman app to help you find the right foods and habits for your body.

CGM sensor for tracking

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small device that measures your body's glucose levels in real-time.

Ultrahuman app for actionable insights

Ultrahuman app connects with your CGM in real-time, giving you personalized, actionable insights to improve your health.

Performance coaches for guidance

Learning good habits is hard. Your personal dietitian coach will help you make lasting changes.

Different body responds to same food differently.

Every person has a unique metabolism. Our genes, body type, and composition, as well as activity level, determine how we respond to food. This is why no one diet works for everyone.
Andy, 34
Active lifestyle
Andy, 34
Active lifestyle
Mohan, 25
Sedentary lifestyle
The Sensor

What is a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tiny device that sits on the back of your arm measuring your glucose continuously for 14 days, is totally pain free and comes with hypoallergenic protetive patches.
Real-time glucose
Glucose response to meals
Fasting and meal timing
Physical activity and exercise routines
Stress and sleep

Application is easy and painless

The CGM comes with an easy to use applicator. It has a hollow needle that is used to make a tiny incision in your skin (it doesn’t hurt more than an ant bite!), after which a thread-like filament is safely placed and remains under your skin.

Ultrahuman app to connect the dots

The app is your intelligent metabolic coach. By studying your food and exercise, the Ultrahuman app can show you how your fitness and dietary choices affect your metabolism, and give you ways to improve your health.
Scores explained

Quantify your overall health using the Metabolic score

The metabolic score ranges from 0 to 100 and it resets itself every midnight to 100. Based on your lifestyle – food and beverages consumed, daily activities, stress levels, quality of sleep and your body’s unique response, the score increases or decreases daily.
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What is Glucose variability?
These spikes and drops in the glucose graph represent your glucose variability. The glucose variability is a sign of the spread in glucose readings around the average. For example, if there are many highs and lows on any given day in your glucose readings, the standard glucose deviation will be higher too – indicating higher glucose variability.
What is Time in Target?
The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device used by Ultrahuman measures the glucose value of the interstitial fluid. The average glucose is calculated from all the glucose points in that given day. So, if you check your glucose levels at 5 PM, your glucose levels will be the average of all glucose points from 12 AM of that day to 5 PM of the same day.
What is Avg. Glucose value?
Time in Target score is a metric that measures the time in which the blood glucose is in the target range. The ideal target range for glucose is 70-110 mg/dL. Having your glucose levels within this range throughout the day will help you maximise your metabolic score. This metric is measured as a percentage.
Scores explained

Take the guesswork out of your diet using Food score

Ultrahuman M1 calculates a food score based on the glucose peak (highest glucose point in the 2 hour food intake window), glucose change caused by the food and Time over the Target during the food time window.
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Scores explained

Fuel for high performance with Activity Fueling score

Ultrahuman M1 calculates a food score based on the glucose peak (highest glucose point in the 2 hour food intake window), glucose change caused by the food and Time over the Target during the food time window.
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Scores explained

Correlate different biomarkers

Correlate different biomarkers on the correlations screen across different time windows to visualise how a change in one of the biomarkers affects change in other biomarkers. You can correlate upto 2 biomarkers at once.

Wait, there's more. Ultrahuman Bios

Ultrahuman Bios gives you a hollistic view of your health. It is calculated using Glucose variability, time in target. Higher score is indicative of better health

Why is measuring glucose levels important?

Glucose is critical to the healthy functioning of our bodies. Glucose levels naturally oscillate through the course of the day, but it’s the extent of the fluctuation that matters. We have shortlisted a few blogs to help you understand more on this topic.

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