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Improve your diet and exercise based on glucose biomarkers.
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A continuous metabolism tracker that helps you optimise your lifestyle
Track your blood glucose in real time, and maximize your diet and exercise
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Make daily progress by maximising your real-time Metabolic Score

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Discover what food works for you

End the guessing game of "what should I eat?" by analyzing and comparing different meals and ingredients. You may discover that fresh bread from a local market is way easier on your blood sugar compared to packaged bread-whole grain-from the supermarket.
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Fuel for performance with deep insights

Discover the optimal fueling strategies with the Activity Fueling Score that helps you understand how your body uses glucose during activity. Identify diet and exercise combinations that can allow you to perform at your peak, day in and day out.
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Evaluate your Metabolic Vectors

Enhance your metabolism along different trajectories with Metabolic Vectors. Fuel for optimum Focus, optimise Longevity and train for higher Athletic Performance using Metabolic Vectors.
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Learn about Metabolic Health on the go

Get personalised nudges and insights to improve your metabolic fitness. Monitor your glucose response to various lifestyle events, like sleep, stress, fasting & other events.

What's in your order

CGM Sensors and Patches
Swim and shower friendly: Water-resistant upto 2 meters depth for 30 mins.
8-hour memory: Scan anytime within 8 hours to understand your glucose trends.
Easy DIY application: Comes with a convenient applicator and a collection of hypoallergenic adhesive patches.
Sleep friendly: No discomfort while sleeping. Coin-sized sensor.
App Subscription
Gain exclusive access to the 'Metabolism' tab and access insights on your diet and exercise through glucose biomarkers.
Get access 1000+ hours of guided meditations, sleep sessions, focus music and workouts from the world's best psychologists, coaches and experts. Explore Ultrahuman Digital

Learn more about Metabolic Health  

Understand what you eat

End the guessing game of "what should I eat?" by analyzing and comparing different meals and ingredients. You may discover that fresh bread from a local market is way easier on your blood sugar compared to packaged bread-whole grain-from the supermarket

Fuel for better activity performance

With real-time data, you can see in an instant your glucose trends, meal scores, and follow weekly lifestyle reports and progress. These deep insights allow you to effect long-term positive change on your wellness journey.

Mantain Overall Health

See in real-time which ingredients make your blood sugar levels surge up or crash down, and leave you with low energy. Discover how key lifestyle factors, like sleep and exercise, interplay with your body's glucose responses.

Start your metabolic fitness journey


Does my device need to be NFC enabled to pair the sensor? 

Yes! It is absolutely essential that your phone is NFC enabled. If not, you will not be able to pair the sensor with your phone. 

Do I get access to the Ultrahuman Premium subscription along with my Cyborg subscription?

Yes. Your Ultrahuman Cyborg subscription comes bundled with the Ultrahuman Premium subscription—which gives you access to 1000+ hours of fitness and recovery masterclasses 

How long does the sensor last? Is it reusable?

Each sensor lasts for 14 days. And they’re not reusable. Each sensor can be used only once, for a 14-day stint, after which you may replace it with a fresh one.

What is ‘Delivery on Demand’?

By default, we ship the CGMs in the following batches:

12 Weeks
6 CGMs shipped together at the time of purchase. 

52 Weeks
Batch 1: 6 CGMs shipped together at the time of purchase 
Batch 2: 10 CGMs shipped together on the 3rd month 
Batch 3: 10 CGMs shipped together on the 5th month

However, if you prefer a different cadence, we’re happy to arrange it for you.

Does it hurt while putting on the sensor?

Not more than an ant bite. It's normal to feel some sensation during the first day or so, as you are getting used to the sensor. If you feel pain or discomfort, contact the Ultrahuman team through our in-app troubleshoot chat option. We can help you decide if you need to remove the sensor altogether and re-apply a fresh one. 

Can I take the sensor off every night?

Nope! Once applied, the sensor should not be taken off for the 14-day period unless you experience any pain or discomfort.

Can I wear my sensor while bathing, swimming, or surfing?

Yes, yes, and yes! Your glucose sensor is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes and in depths up to 1 meter (3 feet). So you can shower, swim, and surf while wearing your sensor.

Can the sensor hold up against all skin types?

Yes, the sensor is compatible with all skin types. The patch used to cover the sensor is water/sweat resistant. So, the sensor stays intact. Therefore it is recommended to have a patch on at all times.

Once the sensor is removed, does it bleed? 

No. The Ultrahuman Cyborg measures your glucose levels through the interstitial fluid. There is generally no bleeding while removing the sensor.
Ultrahuman Cyborg’s product and services contain general information for athletes to understand their glucose levels and athletic performance. We do not intend to substitute professional medical opinion on the treatment, diagnosis, prevention or alleviation of diabetes or any other disease or disability. Always consult with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional about any health condition and/or concerns, that you may have.

Please do not disregard/delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of information read on or accessed through our Cyborg program!
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