Shreyas Iyer partners with metabolic fitness platform Ultrahuman to enhance his performance

The Indian cricket team player and Kolkata Knight Riders captain partners with the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform, Ultrahuman, to optimize and enhance his performan
June 10, 2022

June 2022, Bangalore, India: Sports performance has always gone hand in hand with technology. More recent advances have helped players increase their potential by elevating their game through monitoring their nutrition and workout.

Shreyas Iyer, a 27-year-old power hitter, who plays with the Indian national side in international cricket and captains the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League has been using the metabolic fitness platform, Ultrahuman, to improve his performance.The athlete has been using the Ultrahuman M1, a continuous glucose monitoring platform, to gain insight and optimize his training and performance.

Shreyas’ experience with Ultrahuman M1 has been eye-opening and has acted as a catalyst for his cricketing potential. Measuring his glucose levels and his metabolic health has given him powerful insights on his food and activity. Since each body is different and reacts differently to the same food, Ultrahuman M1 has helped him recognize the diet that works for his body. He was able to improve his training, better off-season weight management, and in-competition performance. Shreyas now knows what foods help him stay focused on the pitch through a stable glucose response.

Ultrahuman’s sports scientists and coaches are working closely with Shreyas to empower him with intelligent data-driven modifications to his routine and training. This would help the Indian batsman unlock his body’s full potential.  

“The insights on my performance, my training, and my diet have been eye-opening. Ultrahuman tells me what food gives me a stable glucose response and what food spikes my glucose levels. My energy levels have become more consistent, I am more focused when I am batting and most importantly, I feel good.” said Shreyas Iyer, Indian Cricket team player and Kolkata Knight Riders Captain.

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