Saurav Ghosal, an Ultrahuman Athlete bags historic win in CWG Squash ‘22

The first ever Indian to win a singles medal at the CWG for Squash, uses Ultrahuman M1 to optimise and enhance his performance.
August 3, 2022

03rd August 2022, Birmingham, UK: Saurav Ghosal, the international Squash player from Kolkata has scripted history by securing two prestigious accolades for the country; bronze medals in both singles and doubles for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Previously, he raised the bar for the squash circuit in the country by winning the gold in WSF World Doubles Championship with fellow Squash athlete, Dipika Pallikal. Saurav is ranked number 1 in Indian men squash.

Saurav has been using Ultrahuman M1, a continuous glucose monitoring platform, to optimise his athletic performance. He has enhanced his strength and endurance by measuring glucose levels during his training. He observed his data in real-time which has aided him in understanding and optimising his body’s fueling needs.

Commenting on his historic win, Saurav Ghosal said, “It’s a great feeling to represent India at the world stage and even greater feeling when you bring home medals. Ultrahuman M1 has been a key component of my program. It has helped me focus, train and eat better with the glucose insights on the app. I have started to understand my body a lot better, ensuring that I am on top of my nutrition.”

With Ultrahuman M1, he continues to improve his recovery time through personalised insights on his diet, on the court as well as off the court. The quality of sleep massively impacts blood glucose levels, resulting in correlations with an athlete’s performance. Saurav has optimised glucose levels during his sleep, positively impacting his overall cognition.

Speaking on Saurav’s win, Mohit Kumar, founder and CEO of Ultrahuman said “We are extremely proud of Saurav. He has propelled the Indian squash circuit to the next level through his win at the commonwealth games ‘22. These achievements allow more paths to be created for young kids who can follow idols like Saurav.”

Having worked closely with the Ultrahuman’s performance coaches, Saurav has taken data driven decisions on his biomarkers. The expertise of the top sports scientists and experts has helped him gather deep insights into his metabolic health, enhance performance and nutrition.

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