Introducing Ultrahuman's first-ever clinical trial

An observational study was conducted by Ultrahuman to validate the Metabolic Score as a marker of glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
February 22, 2024

Today is a momentous day for Ultrahuman and all health startups in India as we release the results Hey our pathbreaking clinical trial. We like being contrarian and busting myths and have dedicated ourselves to doing world-class research to bring new evidence and insights to metabolic health and wearables. As part of this, we kicked off a unique gold standard study across 9 sites with world-class doctors. This has been a multi-year effort and the results have been insightful and exciting!


Humans are all the same.

Even BMI is different for each population e.g. in the US BMI of >25 is overweight vs. in India that threshold is 23. This is the first trial in the world to look at CGM data for pre-diabetic and non-diabetic populations.

Wearables are not serious tools for health, blood tests are the gold standards.

Our study measured all parameters using blood tests, CGMs, activity/sleep trackers, urine and microbiome tests.The observational study validates that the metabolic score is a reflection of your glucose regulation, potentially helping you mitigate future metabolic diseases.

Measurement matters, not algorithms.

- Metabolic score can differentiate between non-diabetics and pre-diabetics.
- Lower metabolic score is correlated to poorer outcomes of glucose control and insulin regulation. (HbA1c, OGTT and HOMA-IR)
- There was a consistent difference between metabolic score and glucose regulation between healthy and pre-diabetic individuals during the study period.

Glucose measurement is for diabetics.

-Insulin resistance can start very early in life, as early as your 20s. Now that the metabolic score is clinically validated and correlated with glucose regulation, regular CGM use could help you monitor insulin resistance. This could help you make changes in your lifestyle to prevent further risks.
- Metabolic score is correlated to glucose regulation for non-diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Insulin resistance is an issue of the pancreas.

-Inflammation is a strong indicator in the pre-diabetic group but didn’t have a considerable effect on healthy individuals.
- Sleep, heart rate, and step count played an important role in determining the swings in glucose levels only in healthy individuals.
- There is a difference in the type of glycemic parameters that individuals with healthy glucose control and those with pre-diabetes should focus on when using Ultrahuman M1 which is useful for making intentional lifestyle changes.

What's next?

Ultrahuman has the biggest bank of correlated glucose, sleep, activity and food data. We’re keen to partner with researchers and will be publishing unique insights from the trial data in 2024. Stay tuned!

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