Introducing Blood Vision with UltraTrace™

Blood Vision is not just any blood test; it's a revolutionary leap into the future of health and wellness.
December 19, 2023

Introducing Blood Vision, the future of preventive blood testing. Powered by the pioneering UltraTrace™ technology, Blood Vision is not just any blood test; it's a revolutionary leap into the future of health and wellness.

The cutting-edge UltraTrace™ technology is a marvel that seamlessly correlates changes in your sleep, resting HR, HRV, and movement trends with pertinent markers in the blood. Decades of meticulous research underpin this categorization.

For instance, UltraTrace™ can ascertain how a specific improvement in sleep quality might influence a marker like LDL, providing users with a probability score. This intuitive understanding empowers individuals to grasp the intricate connections between lifestyle habits and their direct impact on blood marker

See Beyond the Present

With Blood Vision, users can do more than just ascertain their current health status. The pioneering technology allows one to track the progression of their health markers over time, offering an unparalleled glimpse into their body's chronicles.

Personalized Like Never Before

Blood Vision is not just about data; it's about making that data actionable. Leveraging advanced algorithms and correlation techniques, it provides tailored lifestyle recommendations. These suggestions are smartly interlinked with sleep patterns, resting heart rate, and HRV data, ensuring that each user gets a personalized health roadmap that's just right for them.

Optimized for Longevity

Breaking the mold of traditional diagnostic standards, Blood Vision's marker ranges are derived from cutting-edge research and are optimized for longevity. Moving away from disease-centric benchmarks, it presents a novel approach: one that focuses on proactive health and long-term wellness.

Blood Vision is a paradigm shift in health monitoring.

The future of health is here, and it's personal. With Blood Vision and UltraTrace™, Ultrahuman is not just offering a product; it's heralding a new era of preventive health care. Embrace the future, understand your body, and embark on a journey to optimized well-being with Blood Vision.

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