HS Prannoy wins Thomas Cup and his nutrition through glucose monitoring

The Thomas Cup winner has improved his gut health, diet, and training leading to better results on the court
May 29, 2022

May 2022, Bangalore, India: HS Prannoy and the Indian Badminton contingent created history for India by winning the Thomas Cup. But this has been a fierce battle for Prannoy who has long faced tough opponents and the toughest one has been his own body. Prannoy has faced gut health issues, diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (a digestive ailment in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining) during the 2018 World Championships, which affected his training ever since.

Prannoy started using Ultrahuman M1, a continuous glucose monitoring platform that gives real-time food insights straight to the phone to gain an understanding of what certain foods are doing to his body. He understood that certain foods such as xxx are causing his glucose to spike while certain foods were giving him a stable response.

After going through his data, he recognized a pattern. He understood that foods such as xxx were also not helping his gut and his training tends to be less intense than he would like. His recovery was also affected by those foods, with longer durations of fatigue during consecutive training sessions or matches.

“My nutrition has always been a factor that’s held me from performing at my 100%. By cutting out the foods that don’t work for my glucose levels, my performances have been on an upswing. I am now playing with better energy levels, more focus and higher intensity than before. Thanks to Ultrahuman M1, my nutrition has improved and so have my results.” said HS Prannoy.

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