A whole new dimension to tracking women’s health

Ultrahuman introduces a whole new dimensions to tracking women's health.
December 2, 2023

Introducing a whole new dimension to tracking women’s health.

Ultrahuman Ring now incorporates cycle-based scores that uniquely characterise women’s biology. Women experiencing menstruation typically observe physiological changes throughout the four phases of the cycle—Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal, and Menstrual.

The data is fascinating.

It reveals that when the temperature is graphed over the course of the month for women compared to men, women exhibit more cyclical temperature patterns. Additionally, there are slight variations in heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), and sleeping patterns.

It's almost like women and men are different species!

For instance, during the follicular phase, women experience higher energy levels with better heart rate variability (HRV), a slight reduction in resting heart rate (RHR), and lower baseline temperature. In contrast, during the luteal phase, just before menstruation, rest and recovery are recommended.

With these deep correlations, Ultrahuman Ring changes insights into action.

The ring provides nudges based on the phase of the menstrual cycle such as recovery or stress reduction sessions to stay well-rested, both physically and mentally. These nudges can help serve as a guide for women, on when to push or reduce the intensity of workouts.

With the latest upgrade, women would be able to understand themselves a little better and optimise their lifestyle for better energy levels.

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